A 21st century credible law enforcement agency hires for character and trains for skill.  From the beginning of a career with the agency the officer realizes both 

their duty and obligation (with supererogation) to the organization and to themselves.   With these intentions, the safety of every officer is of principal concern; you can’t have one without the other. Both the agency and the officer invest in physical, tactical, operational, mental and emotional training and education for maximized outcomes.   

The Institute of Credible Leadership Development is a combination of character based decision-making, personal and professional development, and virtue based leadership educational program designed to improve officer safety because it indoctrinates officers in the qualities of being virtuous officers. Executives and officers learn how leadership and communication skills help create, and sustain, trust and mutual respect thus directly enhancing officer safety and building successful communities. Successful communities attract business and families and build stable economies.

Proven – The curriculum has been scientifically developed and tested since 2009.

Accessible – Officers can learn on-line 24/7 anywhere the Internet is available.

Continuous– Professional, comprehensive LEO education and development are available from “hire to retire.”

Affordable – LEO leadership skills and principles are delivered reliably and confidently at a fraction of traditional training costs.

Sustainable – Leadership Academies are customized to meet the needs of any local agency or state-wide organization.   Academy operational requirements fit local budgets and are cost-effective.

Effective – LE-ICLD academies teach officers how to build mutual trust with the community which leads to problem solving collaboration while citizen complaints are reduced.

Compatible – The LE-ICLD is filling the void of leadership education and development currently existing between basic police training and senior staff leadership education.

 More specifically, it teaches officers … 

How to be resilient through mental and emotional toughness, intelligence and positive psychology,
Effective personal mastery and team collaboration,
To become mentally awake and emotionally stable,
How to manage up and lead down,
How to improve agency culture of safety and credibility for enhanced trusting and coactive community relationships,  The need to increase supererogation of automatic accountability and responsibility,
Enhanced adaptive decision-making and problem solving strategies and tactics,
To become emotionally and physically fit,
How to reduce officer /agency risks and liabilities,
How to protect themselves from their own saboteurs, and
How to manage stress and dramatically reduce the incidences of aberrant behavior, substance abuse, burnout, and related diseases such as heart disease.

The Program empowers the 21st Century Credible Policing Agency with a set of mental, emotional and behavioral tools, going far beyond the tactical skills typically trained for.  The program rounds out the officer and the agency, with a foundation in humanity critical to their individual success and mission.    It is a counter mechanism to PTSD, corruption, wrongdoing and misconduct with a goal of growing into a Magnanimous “MAGNUS” Officer.

Leadership | Integrity | Accountability | Prevention | Resiliency | Wellness